About Anna


I have lived in North Idaho for most of my life. Being surrounded by the beauty here, I have found that creating brings a balance to my life. My career as an accountant keeps me following the rules, because of this, I crave the outlets where there are no rules, or if there are, I follow them loosely.Prof 2
I paint simply because it makes me happy. I love working with color. I paint a variety of subjects and I use different mediums but, watercolor has been my primary choice. Since I have started painting I look at my surroundings in a different light.
Painting helps me to find the beauty, light and color that is all around me in everyday things such as the wood-grain in my office furniture or the constantly changing sky.

I am open to ideas and commissions just send me an email by clicking on the envelope icon, or visit my contact page. Thank you for visiting me online.anna kaiser